About CaelumOne
About CaelumOne
Vault in The Heavens

Welcome to CaelumOne ECM Software

CaelumOne is an ultra-secure cloud based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management Solution (DMS) unlike any other. The name comes from the Latin word “Caelum” which means “Vault in the Heavens.” CaelumOne allows users to access documents via the internet using any standard web browser, on any PC or mobile device. The platform is available as a secure hosted solution globally, or an on premise Enterprise level instance without the need for any additional client side software installation. With an Internet connection, your documents are accessible at any time, on any device, from anywhere around the globe.

CaelumOne allows you to store, OCR, retrieve, secure, share and publish your documents while maintaining the most stringent document management standards available. Documents can be scanned directly into the system from any scanner or multifunction printer or check-in directly from your PC or tablet. The core of the solution is a document conversion engine module that indexes and converts typical document formats to HTML for web viewing in addition to storing the original source documents. Published documents retain all original document formatting in a file size that is up to 400 times smaller. Each document is completely searchable and there is no need to open documents to search for keywords or phrases.

HTML Document Compression

Compression on ingestion to HTML means all documents can be opened using minimal bandwidth on any mobile devices.

Multimedia Integration

Documents can be supplemented with encoded media content that can be played on an internal viewer without any need for external video and audio players.

File Retention

Fully customizable document retention processes can be implemented including notification and confirmation processes for personnel to confirm.

Maintain Original Formatting

Documents retain original formatting when they are ingested including headers, footers and chapter breaks.

Printing Permissions

Printing of documents can be enabled or disabled and users can print a single page, a topic, or an entire manual at the click of a button.

Table of Contents

Our table of contents structuring allows for quick navigation of large documents, including compiled files in Virtual Books.

Cross Device Access

Documents are accessible and viewable on any browser, on any Operating System, and on any device type using minimal bandwidth.

Fully Searchable Content

The system can ingest and automatically index most common document formats without the need to manually add metadata to make the content searchable.

ECM System Training

System training can be delivered for normal users in under 30 minutes. Additional training for system administrators is also available.



Our projects always begin with a strategic analysis of the ultimate project goals to ensure that the right tools and resources are accounted for.



Once the strategy is detailed, we come up with a suitable plan for development, configuration, implementation, and roll out of the project.



Every client is different and it is important to us that each of our clients has the resources and tools in place to achieve their goals.


CaelumOne ECM Software Also Provides:

  • Online Document Editing.

  • Multiple Language Support.

  • Active Directory Integration.

  • Email and Task Notifications.

  • Single Point of Access.

  • Secure SSL Login

  • Audit Trail on Document Flow.

  • HTML Virtual Book Publishing.

  • Secure Scan to Folder using WebDav or Email.

  • Individual File or Drag and Drop Uploads.

  • Upload Complete File Directories (.zip format).

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