The CaelumOne GTFS Hub

Providing Realtime Trip UpdatesService AlertsVehicle PositionsStatistics

Using GTFS Realtime data to provide transit users and travelers with data updates in real time greatly enhances the travel experience of a transit service.  GTFS Realtime data can provide up-to-date information about current arrival and departure times, transit providers can mitigate frustrations by removing the unknown and allowing users to better plan their schedules. In the event of a major delay, travelers will now be able to arrange for alternate transportation to their destination.

GTFS Realtime is a feed specification that allows public transportation agencies to provide realtime updates about their fleet to our product. Using GTFS Realtime data, CaelumOne’s GTFS Hub is able to power the backend of any ATIS system to provide a customizable and streamlined set of data with a focus on passenger information.  GTFS Realtime data is an ideal way to provide Trip Updates regarding delays, cancellations, or route changes; Service Alerts about unforeseen events that might be affecting a station, vehicle, route or entire transportation network; and Vehicle Positions including vehicle locations and congestion levels.

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CaelumOne GTFS Hub Applications

Accessibility Research on CaelumOne

The CaelumOne GTFS Hub platform can be used to research and plan mass transit accessibility and efficiencies.  CaelumOne’s GTFS Hub data can provide accurate estimates on transit travel times from one point to multiple different end points at different times of day, days of the week and times of year. This is an ideal solution for optimizing existing transit routes as well as planning for any future expansions.

Journey Planning with CaelumOne

The CaelumOne GTFS Hub supplies public transit data transit for use in multi-modal journey applications.  In most cases, we combine GTFS with detailed representation of the street and pedestrian networks to show accurate routes from point to point rather than just between stops. The CaelumOne GTFS Hub can manage journey planning and transit routing with a combination of GTFS, GTFS Realtime, and other data sources.

Transit Service Analysis

The CaelumOne GTFS Hub can be used to measure changes in accessibility as a result of changes or proposed changes to transit services provided.  Historical analysis of changes to service over time can be accomplished by comparing a transit system or agency’s published GTFS data over different periods of time.  It is also possible to compare existing service with proposed infrastructure or service changes to create better efficiencies using CaelumOne.