Enterprise Content Management

Cloud Based Security.Document Storage.Collaboration.Video Encoding.

The CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) is a ground breaking solution developed to solve modern day Information Management problems.

The CaelumOne Document Management System (DMS) uses best-in-class technology and security to protect your documents against unauthorized access, outright loss, and unnecessary duplication.

We have employed the strictest security standards and encryption technologies available to ensure that your documents are safely secured offline or in the cloud.

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Strategic Global Partnerships

We pride ourselves on our ability to develop strategic partnerships within our distribution channels. Bringing in partners, with the right areas of expertise ensures that we are able to deliver a guaranteed solution using the CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software Suite.

With a diverse international client base, partners like Omnisystems, SALT Technology Group, Long View Systems, Cloud Carib, and Paragon GRC Solutions, ensure that we are able to deliver robust ECM Solutions on a truly global scale.


Core CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Software Features

Unique Custom Tools

Our software boasts many unique tools including HTML virtual file publishing, training tracker scheduling and certification, eLearning virtual classrooms, document retention workflows and more.

Mobile Access

Our software is designed to work on any operating system, on any browser, and on any device type so you can access your content on the go and as compressed HTML versions.

Video Encoding

Full secure video encoding that streams the right media file format to the right device with metadata tagging capabilities. Viewing links can be imbedded in documents published to HTML Virtual Files securely.

Fully Searchable

Once uploaded, all content goes through an indexing and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process to render documents fully searchable. This ensures you can always find the information you need even if it was accidentally misfiled.

Easy File Uploading

Document, images and video files can be added either individually, dragged and dropped, or scanned to the system via email or a secure WebDAV link. They can also be added in bulk as a .zip file while retaining all original folder and subfolder structures.

Cloud Based Storage

All digital content including documents, images and video is stored in a secure cloud environment and accessible as either source files or read only converted HTML documents. Security is granular down to the folder and document level.

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Our full suite Enterprise Content and Document Management (ECM) Solution brings a whole new level of simplicity and ease to doing business online. Doing business in the cloud has never been easier. We also offer innovative custom solutions like the DMRRS and GTFS Hub which is designed to optimize GTFS and GTFS Realtime Data for ATIS.