CaelumOne | DMRRS
CaelumOne | DMRRS
Digital Media Recording & Retrieval System

The CaelumOne DMRRS

The CaelumOne Digital Media Recording & Retrieval System (DMRRS) provides our customers with an innovative new way to archive, access, and review digital media files.  This solution is ideally suited for use by transit agencies, health care institutions, security companies, and large organizations.

CaelumOne’s DMRRS is designed to manage high volumes of digital media content from a number of different external sources.  Those sources can provide a wide range of digital media file types including CCTV video, SMS text, electronic documents, audio messages, and more.  Once uploaded into the CaelumOne DMRRS, metadata is applied to the files so that they can be searched by content type, date, and time.

The browser based DMRRS application is capable of instantaneously searching, retrieving, and displaying results based on search criteria specified by the user.  The CaelumOne DMRRS provides users with the ability to review and assess multiple camera angles and media sources at the same time.  In addition to on screen review, the system can also export points in time to a watermarked video allowing for validation of the source, date, and time of any of the files that were selected for export.  Learn more about our other Products

Security Permissions

Rigorous security permissions allow for very granular access to the data being stored.  The system can be configured so that one authorized user might be able to download data files for further analysis, review, and archiving, another user permissions set might only allow that user to access the same content as read-only.


The CaelumOne DMRRS is ultra-scalable and capable of storing significant volumes of data on local NAS or SAN devices, in cloud storage, or on massive nearline storage arrays.  This data can be stored for extended periods of time to ensure that future retrieval and review of the information is possible.

Cloud Based Repository

The data files are stored in a data repository that can be replicated in near real-time to avoid any loss of data.  The volume of storage for the CaelumOne DMRRS is also fully scalable, and can be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of each individual client.