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The ATIS and GTFS Challenge

Presenting transit information in real time can have many benefits for transit riders.  Being informed of travel status often results in both shorter perceived and actual wait time as well as a lowered learning curve for new riders.  As such, data availability is important but data quality is essential.  Accuracy of real-time information is essential and errors in predictions will create a negative perception of the service.

The biggest challenge in developing a full-fledged ATIS is how to handle the data.  Studies have shown that close to 70% of GTFS Realtime feeds contained significant errors and almost 75% contained warnings due to improperly handled source data.  The CaelumOne GTFS Hub acquire the data feeds from all the different systems that are part of the ATIS system and converts it to usable data.

The CaelumOne Software Solution is optimized to provide GTFS data better than anyone else in the field thanks to our cutting edge internally designed software solution.  The exciting new technology on our custom developed platform makes us leaders in the GTFS sphere by maximizing the way that GTFS Data can be analyzed and displayed.  Having already developed a world class Enterprise Content Management System gave us the experience required to create an industry leading portal for managing and reviewing GTFS and GTFS Realtime Data.

Caelumone | The ATIS and GTFS Challenge
Caelumone | The ATIS and GTFS Challenge

ATIS GTFS Challenge

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  • Managing the dozens of different data types that are involved in a full featured ATIS, including some that are legacy or proprietary is the biggest ATIS and GTFS challenge to overcome.

  • Our product solves the ATIS and GTFS challenge by gathering the different data types and converting them to industry standard General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) and GTFS Realtime data.

  • Due to the common data format, the CaelumOne GTFS Hub does not need to be custom-tailored to each individual transit operator and can be extended to any region where a GTFS feed is available.

  • Converting dozens of different data sets and types into a common GTFS and GTFS Realtime format means that GTFS Hub can present that data to any ATIS configuration with ease.

  • The CaelumOne GTFS Hub can be used for passenger facing GTFS interfaces, as well as statistical analysis in regards to transit accessibility, route efficiency planning, transit service levels and more.

  • Data availability and quality is ensured with the CaelumOne GTFS Hub so whatever the end point for the various data types and sources, the delivered GTFS and GTFS Realtime data is assured.